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Hey —  Welcome to my website!

I'm a 2D Cut-Out Character Animator & Rigger with 5 years of professional industry experience and a few exciting internship opportunities in the past.

I graduated from The Arts University Bournemouth after receiving my BA (Hons) Animation Production.

So far I've worked on a couple of exciting shows for Nickelodeon and Netflix as well as some personal projects intended to help me practise and improve new skills while keeping up to date with the latest of the software used in the industry.

I enjoy working in teams whose ethos involves good communication, sharing of knowledge and healthy feedback, as it's one of the best ways to learn, network and grow professionally while creating a variety of fun and unique animation projects together!

I love to travel every time I get the opportunity — I enjoy a good amount of spontaneity and excitement of new adventures, meeting new people and communities, learning new things and just appreciating all the ups and downs of life with a positive attitude.


Watching documentaries, reading a book, playing video games and sometimes even planning ahead are some of the best ways for me to relax or boost my energy throughout a day. Did I mention I find peace in wood-crafting? — Give me the tools and space and I'll get crafting. 

Thank you for visiting, and enjoy the rest of your day! 

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