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 Character Rig of 'Logs' from Netflix's 'Dead End: Paranormal Park' - 2022

Showcasing Logs' rig & some animation from the TV series, demonstrating some of its capabilities on a high end 2D production show.

Ongoing personal project - 'Luno' 

Demonstrating skills obtained while working on Netflix's 'Dead End: Paranormal Park'.

Music: All rights reserved by the artist 'Memba - School's Out'


Character Rig 'Bunny Beard' for an upcoming unreleased Apple TV series

Password needed - Please request 

Use of Bitmaps in Rigging : To make the scenes lighter and help the animators we vectorised each element and provided a separate display for them to work with.

When animation is ready, the exported renders are in Bitmap.

Bitmap Prop & Vehicle Rigging (unreleased Apple TV series)

Password needed - Please request 

Same details as the Bunny Beard Showreel

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